PT. Dwipa Kharisma Mitra known as PT. DKM was established in 1988. Formerly, PT. DKM was known as PT. Dwipakarsa Manunggal. However, in 1995 the company changed its name to PT. Dwipa Kharisma Mitra due to new ownership.

DKM provides full service container depots, offers efficient and professional service, and uses FIFO container release. Furthermore, DKM uses IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors) standards for repair and maintenance on damaged containers using modern handling equipments.

DKM is one of the first depot handling agents to be awarded with the internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification by SAI Global.

DKM can be located in several cities across Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Belawan, Semarang, and Cikarang.